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Commercial and Sports Arbitration

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Commercial and Sports Arbitration

A massive amount of investments are being put into the Middle Eastern sports market, through high-profile sponsorship deals, investment in sporting properties and successful bids for major events. And in order to safeguard their long-term sustainability, they have a legal infrastructure that underpins such initiatives, particularly in relation to the resolution of disputes.


The UAE legislators are sensible of the potential benefits of having a dedicated forum to resolve such disputes in the sports procedures, given the nature of sports dispute resolution and the requirement in certain sporting contexts to abide by the specific international sports procedures.


Our legal professionals here in S & S Laywers based in Sharjah, UAE stands at the forefront of commercial and sport arbitration. With a collective wealth of experience spanning decades, our seasoned lawyers have solidified their reputation as trusted advisors in navigating complex legal landscapes. These lawyers expertise extends across a myriad of commercial sectors, offering bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Their specialization in sport arbitration underscores their versatility with the way they handle the issues ranging from athlete contracts to sponsorship disputes within the dynamic realm of sports law. Clients seeking legal counsel confidently turn to this esteemed group as they trust they will deliver favorable outcomes that is backed by years of proven success.


In simple words, our lawyers will continue to shape the legal landscape by setting the standard for professionalism and proficiency in arbitration.


We take all necessary measures for arbitration, from appointing the arbitrator to preparing the arbitration document, submitting all pleadings and documents, and issuing the arbitrators’ judgment and verifying and enforcing it. We are also specialized in engineering, commercial, and sports arbitration.

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