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Labor Law

Labor Law

Both the employers and employees hold rights that will keep them from being exploited, and knowing these rights are critical in front of the mediators.


United Arab Emirates is constantly making changes in their labor rules and regulations, they do this to effectively protect all the parties involve and come up with fair solutions. The labor law aims to balance things in a peaceful manner between employers and employees about topics like working hours, overtime, leaves, vacation and public holidays, employing juveniles, employee records, safety standards, minimum wage, termination of employment, end of service gratuity payments, work injuries amongst others.


S & S Lawyers have dealt with a lot of cases relating the labor law over the past few years, and those experiences has honed our legal experts skills in this specific topic which makes us one of the best law firm in Sharjah, UAE to come for legal consultation for labor law. Our lawyers have comprehensive knowledge in the labor sector as we stay up to date to all the amendments that the UAE government is making, this enhances our chances of coming to a quality solution for all the parties involved.


We focus on providing the best legal services in the field of labor law through litigation and defense of both employers and employees to achieve the best possible results and give everyone their rights.

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