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Rent Laws

Rent Laws

Renting a property is not as easy as it sounds, as a tenant you must know your rights to avoid being exploited by your landlord during your lease period. There are key rights as a tenant  you have to know before settling into a place such as Notice for Eviction Period, Rental Dispute Settlement Committee, Maximum Rental Price Cap, Legal Rental Hike Frequency, Landlord Maintenance of the Property, Tenants Rights in UAE in the event of the death of the landlord or sale of the rental property and Legal Registration of the Tenancy Contract to protect the tenants’ rights in the UAE.


Remember that whether you’re a property owner or looking for a rented accommodation in the beautiful country of United Arab Emirates, the maze of legal complexities of Property Ownership and Rental Laws can still hold a big challenge for you and that’s why it is important to find the right people that knows it better than you do.


And in cases you have to file rental disputes, call (06) 5305559. S & S Lawyers are specialized in this type of disputes as we have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations that both tenants and landlords should be following. We are actively monitoring legislative changes that can affect your arguments in the court and by that, we have the power to solve your cases in the most professional way.


We are fully familiar with the rent laws in each emirate of the country and offer the best legal services in this important field, such as representing landlords or tenants before rent dispute resolution committees, preparing special regulations for rent disputes, and defending parties to the lease relationship to achieve the best possible and satisfactory results for our clients.

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