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Private Contract Disputes

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Private Contract Disputes

Many companies use the FIDIC contract today, this type of contract is widely recognized and respected by the global engineering and construction industry. It is developed as the national standard for the consulting industry for over 50 years. The fundamental principle behind the FIDIC contracts is the use of general conditions of contract, deemed to be suitable in all cases, based on thousands of successful projects globally.


We have a specialized team to deal with disputes related to private contracts, including FIDIC contracts. These contracts have a special nature and are governed by innovative regulations not covered by the laws but by international agreements. They require special international expertise to deal with them if a dispute arises between the parties, and we have the necessary experience to deal with these contracts professionally.


To put it simply, FIDIC contracts are the trusted international standard that provides contract templates that can be applied to almost every project in the AECO industry which can bring solid effectiveness according to countless projects throughout the world over the years that have tested it. The integrity that FIDIC contracts uphold was built by having a little flexibility to ensure that each contract is perfectly suited to the project, and all FIDIC contracts provide guidance on how to add project-specific provisions called “Particular Conditions” and examples on when these might be needed.


FIDIC has continuously improved upon its own contracts since they were introduced over fifty years ago, it is ensured to be up-to-date with the latest contracting needs and provide a standard for various use cases throughout the AECO industry. As you may already have read, this type of contracts needs a lot of patience and understanding given its complexity, but you don’t have to struggle alone because the legal professionals from S & S Lawyers have all the necessary experience relating to this type of contract and we can help you navigate through it in case a sudden dispute arises.


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