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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The UAE criminal law follows sharia or Islamic law and it incorporates elements of civil law and common law. The country covers a wide range of crimes, from the most serious ones such as rape, homicide, or terrorism to the most minor ones like defamation, theft, and alcohol consumption.


The definition of crime is the same in any jurisdiction but the procedure for establishing the guilt of the offender or imposing the sentence varies depending on the territory or the country. In the United Arab Emirates, each emirate has its own judicial system with each of their punishments and penalties varying depends on the type of crime committed.


The penal code in the UAE has evolved so much in the past few years and the role of technology has also played a critical role on these changes. These changes include communications, law, economics, commerce, and business development. The government of the UAE always take measures to improve laws and regulations to adapt to changes, with the criminal law’s main objectives are protecting women, domestic staff, and public security in the country. And knowing about the penal code is an important part of being a UAE resident to avoid committing such crimes.


And just in case it happens you commit one,  we have a team of lawyers to help you. S & S Lawyers specializes in this type of law, our experienced lawyers can guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally, and fully throughout the entire judicial and non- judicial legal process.


We provide legal services in the criminal field and all its branches (penalties and crimes – drugs and psychotropic substances – money laundering and anti-terrorism – discrimination and hate – information technology – traffic) by defending and pleading before criminal courts and judicial circuits, representing both defendants and personal rights claimants (civil), and providing necessary services starting from police stations and prosecution offices until the end of the case review process and reaching the best possible results.

Our office handles defense in various types, stages, and degrees of cases, and submits requests for release on bail or personal recognizance. We also claim the civil right to compensate the client for damages caused by the crime, and obtain a judgment for compensation before both criminal and civil courts.

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