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Drafting Contracts, Documents, and Commitments

We offer drafting of all types of Contracts, Documents, and Commitments

What is Legal Drafting?


Legal drafting refers to the process of creating legal documents such as agreements, contracts, pleadings, statutes, and other written instruments that are related to any legal matters. Having an effective legal drafting is essential to ensure clarity, precision, and enforceability of the legal document.


Legal drafting can vary depending on the type of document and the jurisdiction it applies to and so it is crucial to stay updated on relevant laws, but it is always advisable to consult with a qualified attorney or legal professionals in order to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of your legal draft or documents.


Where can I get my legal documents drafted?


Here at S & S Lawyer, we prioritize creating contracts that are free of legal defects and imperfections that could expose the contracting parties to risks and losses. We draft contracts for individual enterprises, national and mixed companies of all types (single-person company, limited liability company, joint-stock company, solidarity company, free zone companies), as well as contracts for mergers, cooperation agreements, and mediation. We also establish the bylaws of companies and draft contracts for dissolution and liquidation, as well as all other types of contracts, such as sales, leases, mortgages, insurance, gifts, wills, and other contracts that regulate all civil, commercial, and legal transactions.


The drafting of all commitments, correspondence, and any other legal documents in which the client is a party undergoes a series of audit and review stages to produce a fully integrated legal format. The same applies to the review and revision of documents drafted by others, and we alert the client to any conditions that may harm their interests and may be indirectly included in the contract and only become apparent through careful legal examination.


These reasons are the reasons why S & S Lawyers are the best law firm to talk to when it comes to legal matters in the whole United Arab Emirates especially in Sharjah.

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