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Maritime Law

Maritime Law

The maritime law is the body of rules that governs everything that is happening in the sea and open waters. These rules help clear up various disputes that can occur and ensure that the people and organizations that work on the water behave correctly and are protected.


The rules in maritime law in the UAE has also faced changes over the years. Recently, the government of UAE has released the much anticipated and long-awaiting new federal maritime law (UAE Federal Maritime Law, No. 43 of 2023, the “New Maritime Law”), which will repeal and replace the existing maritime law (Federal Law No. 26 of 1981 Concerning Commercial Maritime Law, the “Old Maritime Law”)  and this change will come into force by the 29th of March this year of 2024.


After all, the world’s open seas make up about 70% of the earth’s surface and its importance is massive both as a means of transport and as a resource.


S & S Lawyers has legal experts that handles any cases relating to maritime law, they do it excellently by staying up to date in the latest amendments that the United Arab Emirates release. Choosing the right lawyers to effectively manage cases or solve disputes is important and our office have the best people to do that with ease, our legal professionals understands the intricacies of this complex area of law.


We provide the best legal services in our office, including all legal and advisory services related to maritime affairs, such as preparing contracts, resolving disputes, and resolving maritime claims.

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