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Intellectual Property Legal Services

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Intellectual Property Legal Services

Intellectual properties are intangible products or work created from your original thought that don’t necessarily have physical presence. Some great examples are artwork, design or product, your website content, inventions, business names, product names, manuscripts and other original work that benefits your business.


And these ideas are protected by various federal and state laws as they hold high value in today’s increasingly knowledge-based economy. But navigating through the complexities of intellectual property rights requires a wide understanding of both legal principles and emerging technological landscapes as it remains a cornerstone of innovation and creativity in the modern world.


S & S Lawyers can help you go through the complexities of knowing the rights of your intellectual properties to prevent others from deriving value from them. Once you call us at (06) 5305559 or send us an email via info@2s-lawyers.com, we will give you the right legal consultation as a start, explain to you the steps you have to take in order to protect your intellectual properties from potential infringement.


Through our office, we provide all legal consultations and services related to protecting intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks), formulating and auditing intellectual property contracts.

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