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The Importance of Proper Legal Drafting

the importance of proper legal drafting blog by S & S Lawyers that is the leading law firm in sharjah, UAE consisting of experienced lawyers and advocates in Sharjah that provides high quality legal services to groups and individuals to help them with legal matters, including arbitration, civil, criminal law and crimes, real estate, personal status, and as well free legal consultation.

Legal drafting is an important part of the legal industry, and lawyers who have the skills to draft an effective legal document are definitely at an advantage to attract more clients.

What is Legal Drafting?

Legal drafting is a structured method of writing a legal document such as contracts, agreements, deeds, wills, and pleadings. These types of documents should be clear, accurate and concise with minimal legal errors.

Legal documents are written and drafted with care and precision as it requires a thorough understanding of laws, regulations, and legal principles.

In order to draft a legal document, you must follow certain conventions and guidelines which includes using precise language, use of appropriate legal terminology, and structuring the document in a logical and easy-to-follow manner. Make sure that you’re considering the intended audience of the document as it is the most important part of the legal document, whether it is a lawyer, a judge, or layperson which the language and style should be tailored accordingly.

Why is Legal Drafting Important?

Drafted legal documents are contracts or agreements between both parties and they must be drafted in a way that they are legally enforceable which is why they need to be correct, clear and concise.

Legal documents must ensure that they’re in compliance with existing rules and regulations.

It is important to draft the legal documents in the right and legal way to help in setting a clear tone for conversation between parties, they must be effective so that all the parties understand their rights and responsibilities.

Are drafting Skills Necessary for Lawyers?

Mastering the skills of research and drafting a legal document for aspiring lawyers are not just buzzwords but rather a bedrock of a successful legal career.

Even a smallest mistake can change the entire meaning of a sentence, an error in a legal document can cost a client his case, his transaction and his money.

A lawyer with an equipped legal drafting skills should be able to identify his target audience who is going to read the document he has drafted, the document must be understood by the audience who is reading it.

The art of drafting authentic documents rather than using a template format for every contract or notice is something a lawyer should be able to do, with the right skills they should be having a great advantage in the legal industry. It’s an even bigger bonus if they can master the skill by applying the right regulations and laws, using proper jargon and language, and being able to create a document with direct, clear, simple, meaning and purpose.

How to Choose the Right Lawyers for Legal Drafting?

Lawyers and drafting cannot be separated from each other. Legal practitioners use words as a tool to play with in order to maximize their clients’ interests. But lawyers that have mastered the skills of legal drafting should have these traits:

1. Persuasive

Proficiency in legal drafting is pivotal as it can profoundly impact the outcome of the case. Drafting extends beyond transaction documents, it also includes persuasive legal arguments, motions, and briefs and it can significantly influence judges, arbitrators, and other decision-makers.

2. Clarity in Communication

Converting complex legal concepts into clear and understandable language is the underlying objective behind legal drafting. Clear communication in drafted documents, such as contracts, pleadings, and legal opinions, ensure that respective intentions, rights and obligations of parties involved in any proceedings, negotiations or contracts are accurately reflected.

3. Client Satisfaction

Clients heavily rely on legal practitioners to provide them accurate and effective legal advice and representations, they trust on their lawyers ability to give them a well-drafted legal document. Clients are more likely to be satisfied when the documents they receive are well-written, error-free, clearly outlining their rights, obligations, and protecting their interests.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter what type of case you’re working on as a lawyer, you will be required to draft some or the other document in the span of your legal career. As a legal professional, you should be able to possess this skill if you want to advance in the legal field, and as someone who wants to find a lawyer that has years of experience in drafting precise, clear and concise legal documents, give S & S Lawyers a call - we are the leading law firm in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates with seasoned and experienced lawyers that can craft any legal document you might need.

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