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Understanding Tenancy Rules in Sharjah, UAE

Understanding Tenancy Rules in Sharjah, UAE blog by S & S Lawyers as it is a distinguished law firm in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. We have a dedicated team comprised of adept legal professionals with proven track record in the industry, showcasing years of dedication to the practice of law. Specializing in various areas of legal expertise, possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to address complex legal challenges. Whether it is corporate law, litigation, or regulatory matters, S & S Lawyers stands as a pillar of strength for our clients.

If you are living in the United Arab Emirates, you already know that Sharjah is one of the most preferred residential areas for expats not just because of its tourist attractions such as Sharjah National Park, Al Majaz Waterfront and Al Qasba but also because of its affordability and the wide range of properties.

But just like any other emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah also has tenancy rules that you must know if ever you are planning to relocate in the area as the emirate is known for its meticulous implementation of tenancy contract. Any changes to their law you must be staying up to date to know what rights you have as a tenant in the emirate, and in this blog post we will be talking about the details of their rental laws.

Bachelor Accommodation Rules

Renting a home for bachelors and laborers may not come as easy as it is for other expatriates. Low-income laborers and backers can only rent homes in designated industrial areas, they are prohibited from renting apartments in residential areas. They can share rooms but subletting is strictly prohibited in some regions.

However, executive bachelors such as doctors, engineers, etc., can also reside in residential buildings in Sharjah with the owner’s permission.

Number of Occupants Allowed in Rental Units

Studio Apartments - 3 Occupants

1 BHK Apartments - 3 Occupants

2 BHK Apartments - 6 Occupants

3 BHK Apartments - 9 Occupants

See the numbers above for references if you are planning to start a new chapter of your life in Sharjah. According to Sharjah Tenancy Laws, the tenants must inform their landlord about the number of tenants when they are renting a property. This rule protects the privacy of the family and helps decrease the number of workers who were illegally residing in the emirate.

Tenancy Contract Renewal

A grace period of 90 days is given to tenants to renew their Sharjah tenancy contract and if they fail to do so, they must pay an attestation fine to the Sharjah Municipality that ranges from AED 200 to AED 250. You can do the contract renewal digitally, at Tasheel offices, Authorized typing centers or through a real estate agent. The contract renewal must be signed by both parties, the landlord and the tenant and then it should be submitted to the Sharjah Municipality for fee payment.

Tenant’s Rights in Sharjah

Near Souq al Jubail, Sharjah

While it rarely happens, tenant agreements can result in disputes if it is proven that a rule within the contract is broken. Landlords or the tenants should try their best to resolve any disputes between themselves but if they cannot come to the same agreement, we recommend getting proper consultation from a legal expert such as our lawyers from S & S Lawyers.

Our office in Sharjah, UAE has a team of lawyers that specializes in such rules and laws, they have years of experience to strategically resolve the issues that are occurring between the landlords and the tenants.

Do not hesitate to send us an email: info@2s-lawyers.com if you are encountering tenancy disputes.

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